Welcome summer and warmer weather to Michigan. It's great to be outdoors!

Summer brings bugs and bug bites.  So when it's finally time to relax, most of us in Southeast Michigan can't endure time on our deck or patio without showering in repellent!

MichiganSunrooms.com has one solution:  Enclose an area of the deck with a screen porch, shade room, or sun room for anytime comfortable relaxation - away from the nasty mosquitoes, wind debris, rain and snow, extreme outdoor temperatures.

An abundant array of styles, sizes, structural materials are available so we'll collaborate with you to create a unique and functional, affordable dream room addition.  248-880-7896

When you are outdoors having fun and gardening, remember:

  • use insect repellent

  • eliminate standing water including collected water in folds of grill or pool covers

  • weed and cut grass frequently and discard yard waste,to a closed can if possible

  • using citronella candles can help keep bugs away

  • check your screens for holes

Let the MichiganSunrooms.com professionals in Royal Oak Michigan meet with you at your location to recommend a room design that might be right for your home's architecture.


When the shorter days come, some of us suffer from SAD

SAD (seasonal affective disorder) is a type of winter depression that affects an estimated half a million people every winter between September and April; in particular during December, January, and February.

For those that suffer from SAD, it usually begins in the late fall or early winter and goes away by summer.  A less common type of SAD, known as summer depression, usually begins in the late spring or early summer.  It goes away by winter.  SAD may be related to changes in the amount of daylight during different times of the year.

MichiganSunrooms.com can help you designed an addition to add light and life to your home.  Contact us today: 248-880-7896